Gerdinand & Corline

Gerdinand & CorlineGerdinand & CorlineGerdinand & CorlineGerdinand & Corline

Gerdinand & Corline, 16mm to SD, black and white, sound, 5 min, 05 sec

One day I walked in a remote neighborhood of Madrid at an extremely hot day. When I turned into a deserted boulevard a couple approached in the middle of a heated argument. They spoke in sign language. I realized I didn’t understand a word of what they said to each other. I felt alienated. In Gerdinand & Corline a deaf couple walks along a fence having a fight in sign language. A young woman who drags a stick along the fence is following them. They obviously can’t hear her; she doesn’t understand them. From behind a tree a young girl surveys the scene. She knows everything. We all live alone and we all die alone.